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Hunt and Gather Bee Co (O'Brien Agriculture Ltd.)

Kānuka Honey

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This super rare and completely delicious honey comes from the native Kānuka tree.

The kānuka tree blooms in mid summer with thousands of small white flowers, similar in appearance to it's well-to-do relative, mānuka.

Gathered in the Waikato, our kānuka honey is smooth and aromatic, with hints of butterscotch, ending with floral notes. It is a truly delicious honey.

Mix with spices to create a marinade, perfect for a venison backstrap ready to be placed over a flame.

WINNER - Silver at the 2022 London International Honey awards
WINNER - Gold at the 2020 Outstanding Food Producer awards - the judges said
"A beautiful honey with delicate flavour and texture. Nice to see a less common variety. A lot less intense than Manuka."

See our blog for more information on this amazing honey.