Introducing Kanuka Honey

Well they say good things take time. Like this Kanuka honey. We have been keeping this one under the radar for a while now, waiting until the research has been good enough and people are starting to get keen. So when I got asked 4 times in one week when we were going to do a Kanuka honey, we knew the time was right! 

The buzz (sorry, not sorry about the pun) around Kanuka honey has been steadily growing and we have been seeing a lot on line and in the media about it, with lots of people touting it as 'the next big thing'. It stands up very well against it's better known relative in terms of antimicrobial activity and actually has a host of unique, and very promising features.

In particular, topical application of Kanuka seems to very effective. The most popular uses for Kanuka so far seem to be acne, rosacea, nappy rash and psoriasis. Trials and tests are producing some very interesting results (see links below).

It also seems to contain an anti-viral agent which is proving just as good as aciclovir (the active ingredient in Zovirax) for treating cold sores and clinical trials are under way on other similar viruses.

As an added bonus, our Kanuka has an incredible flavour; it has a warm, butterscotch taste which is rich and delicious, without being too strong. Might be time you tried it? Check it out now in our store.

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