Our Story


Ethical, sustainable raw honey from Whāingaroa, Raglan, New Zealand

G’day, we’re the O’Briens. We like bees. And flowers, we like flowers too. Rory is the beekeeper. Hannah is allergic to bees. Kieran and Alice have their own beesuits now, and Mickey knows if you poke a bees bum it stings. He’s tried this theory quite a few times now.

A few years back we made a choice to change the career paths that we were on and try out life as beekeepers. We wanted to be part of an industry that has a more positive impact on the environment, and on our family life. And we haven’t looked back. We have discovered that we love working with bees, and with each other.

At the end of 2015, we packed up our family and moved home to the Waikato. Rory had a great new beekeeping job, and we had a wee baby girl on the way. 

3 years on, our baby girl is no longer a baby, we have a new baby and we have hundreds of thousands of new family members; our bees. We have started to build an amazing team here in Raglan, currently comprising of Emma, our Sales and Marketing Manager, and Denzel, our apprentice beekeeper. We harvest our own honey and sell it at markets and in stores around New Zealand. 

We would love for you to join us as we continue this adventure and build our business and our dream to sell our own honey. We are passionate about being a sustainable, local business. We want to see our honey sold in local shops and markets, and posted around the country and the world, bearing our very own logo - direct from our hives to you. Anyway, that's the dream. We're working on it!