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Hunt and Gather Bee Co (O'Brien Agriculture Ltd.)

Artisan Comb Honey

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Our brand new raw comb honey straight from our hives makes the perfect addition to your cheeseboards, platters, desserts and summer fruit plates! There's something special about biting down onto that chewy, waxy comb and feeling and tasting the pure, liquid honey pour out!

Our unique mini honey frames and beautiful, completely home compostable packaging are a true show piece and a sustainable revolution to comb honey.

This highly sought after summer delicacy is a once-a-year release and is definitely a limited edition! This 2024 vintage is a beautiful, light bush honey and a culinary experience in one. It will not be available in stores.

Please note that due to the raw and natural nature of this product, weights, colour and taste will vary between boxes. Weights are minimum 450g but will vary widely. Some imperfection in the surface or appearance of the product is normal and won't affect the taste!

Premium grade means the frame is evenly covered with wax and is generally 'finished'. Seconds will have uncapped areas (without wax covering) and may be 'unfinished'. We recommend that you consume the seconds within 2-3 weeks and keep in a sealed container to avoid moisture absorption.