Our Honey

From the Forest to your Table...

We are so proud to be able to offer our full range of honey to you. We work hard to produce high quality, natural honey that is packed full of delicious flavour. We are a small, yet mighty team of honey producers. We take great care of every hive that we own and our bees are well looked after, ensuring that they are in the best condition possible to make beautiful honey from our native bush. Our honeys vary in taste and texture, depending on the areas they have come from and the nectars the bees have been feeding on. Whether you like a hearty, full-flavoured honey, or a more subtle creamy one, we have something for everyone. Our truly small batch harvests ensure absolute traceability of our honey.

All of our honey is raw, even if it has been creamed. This means that it has never been heat treated so that it retains all of its natural properties, including loads of helpful micro-organisms. Our honey has been fine filtered and commercially packed into beautiful glass jars.

If you want to find out more about how our honey is made, check out our Beekeeping Experiences or follow us on social media.