Stockist Showcase - Whole Heart

Whole Heart is a fresh wholefood store that is located in the Queenwood shops in Hamilton. Niki Brimblecombe practices what she preaches, and two years ago she decided to leave her corporate career and pursue her passions in health and fitness. This led her to purchase Whole Heart, and she hasn’t looked back. 

From the minute you walk in the door at Whole Heart you feel as though you have walked into a stunningly curated Pinterest board. Not only is the music fresh and mellow, the product range is quite impressive and then you are met with a lovely warm welcome from Niki and her staff. 

Niki’s main goal with the shop is to educate people about wholefoods, where their food comes from and support them in making more sustainable choices, because we only have the one body and earth. 

“With Covid I’ve seen people begin to have some downtime to reflect that it’s not always about being ‘busy’ and that less is more. Invest in your health now and in 20 years time you will see you have protected your body for the future,” said Niki. 

Whole Heart and Hunt and Gather Bee Co. are a great partnership as not only is our honey completely traceable from farm to table, but our sustainable practices, including wooden beehives, glass jars and paper labels, align with Whole Hearts mission. 

Niki says that all of her stock in the store is primarily local, and having a high quality product that is locally sourced is one of her main criteria when deciding to work with a brand. Because when we stock our honey in any store, it really is a partnership and it needs to work for both the store and their customers. In Niki’s own words, “the honey is just GOOD!.”

If you're in and around Hamilton looking for last minute Christmas gifts, or looking to source a new, ethical organic and wholefood store, why not pop on into Whole Heart and say hi to Niki and the team. Open 7 days a week, you’ll be sure to leave with a bag full of quality product, and a smile on your face. Check them out here

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