Chai Honey Toast Inspiration From Mon's Flavors

Chai Spice Honey with Raspberries and Quinoa Puffs

When Mon and I first started talking about creating Chai Spice Honey, we knew it was going to be super popular. It just made sense. Her incredible, health-boosting, nourishing and perfectly balanced spice blend, with our raw, healthy honey made to a spicy, sweet taste sensation that would be genuinely good for our customers health. 
The benefits to immunity and gut health from both the spices and the honey were the initial reason we wanted to create this product; especially coming in to Winter. But what got us really excited was the potential for incredible recipes with the amazing flavour of this product.

Raspberry, Brie and Chai Spice Honey

Growing up in the Himalayan region in India, Mon's family would have this Chai Honey in their home as a kind of delicacy, used for both great flavour and Ayurvedic medicine. It has become a staple in our pantry and we are loving seeing how you are using it in your home. 
While it is traditionally used at a drink, added to hot water or hot milk, these inspirational toast combos will start to get you thinking outside the square with this delicious new product.
Other great combos include -
  • Blue Cheese, Pear and Chai Spice Honey
  • Bacon, Grilled Banana and Chai Spice Honey
  • Fresh Fig, Goat's Cheese and Chai Spice Honey
  • Prosciutto, Balsamic Reduction, Rocket and Chai Spice Honey

Banana, Kiwifruit, Almond and Chai Spice Honey on Grilled Sourdough

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