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Honey and Basil Gin

Honey and Basil Gin This drink is perfect for a warm summer evening, Sweet, fresh, tasty.   Ingredients This is to make one drink so just double, triple, quadruple it depending on your needs. 1 tablespoon honey 50 ml boiling water 15 basil leaves 1 lemon wedge 2 shots of gin ice soda water   Stir the honey in to the boiling water to dissolve it and set aside to cool. Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour over the cold honey syrup and gin. Add the basil leaves and the lemon wedge (squeeze some of the lemon juice out into the glass as you add it. Give it all a good stir to bruise the basil leaves and release...

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Hot Toddy Cocktail

Hot Toddy Cocktail The combination of honey and lemon is a classic one but sometimes it’s just too hot for a hot toddy. Turns out if you cool it down and put it over ice it makes a delicious cocktail. This recipe makes enough for one cocktail; so for each extra person just add an extra dose of each ingredient. Ingredients 1 lemon 1 tablespoon honey 1 pinch cinnamon 100mL water 1-2 shots of whiskey   Juice the lemon and combine with the honey, cinnamon and water in a pot. Heat until the honey has dissolved into the liquid and then remove from the heat and allow to cool completely before serving. To serve, add ice and as much whiskey...

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The State of Play 5

Every time I write one of these business updates I promise myself that I won’t leave it so long before writing the next one, but without fail it goes longer and longer between updates. To be honest, this Spring we had a bit too much going on and time to do the extra bits just kept disappearing, but here goes four months worth of updates!   We are well and truly in to our second year of business and it feels like a long-term relationship now. The initial butterflies and fast-paced excitement has settled into a healthy rhythm and things feel like they are, for the most part, ticking along nicely. There have been a few changes in our world...

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Honey bread

Honey bread I was recently feeling a little nostalgic for my old job where we would make bread with the children every morning so I decided to show my own kids the simple art of making bread. It is something that we have really lost touch with but it’s really quite easy and it’s so cool to see what an amazing little creature yeast is. Watching it turn sugar water into a bubbling, frothing mess is great for kids to see too, and another lesson in where our food comes from. As long as your yeast mixture is active and you don’t make your dough really wet or really dry, this recipe is pretty fool proof. You may need to...

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Honey Tiramisu

Honey tiramisu Since we have moved to Raglan, we have developed a tiramisu obsession. It started when we started buying it from a local Italian cafe and then I revisited my recipe for it and have worked to adapt it to a honey version. The cream, honey and coffee combination is a dream. If you are prone to fizzing out when you drink coffee, you might want to eat this for breakfast so it doesn’t keep you awake at night.   1 egg 2 egg yolks 50g honey 1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste or seeds (not essence) 3/4 cup cream 250g mascarpone 4 shots of espresso coffee (or 2 cups of strong plunger coffee) 1/2 cup water (you don’t need this...

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