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Welcome to Hunt and Gather Bee Co.

This is it folks. We’re all in. We’re staking a whole lot on this little company. Earlier this year we sold our first home, moved in to a rental house, and backed ourselves to chase our dream to start our own small business. We bought our very first hives, and found homes for them on the bush fringes of the southern Coromandel Peninsula. We have been able to set up what we need to begin selling honey, straight to our local customers. So just like that, Hunt and Gather Bee Co. was born. It has been a huge decision. One that has made us nervous at times. Sometimes we wonder whether we probably should have bought a house for our expanding...

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Coastal Blend smoked kahawai

The tag line for out Coastal Blend Honey is ‘Smear it on a kahawai, and chuck it in the smoker’. Although, if I’m honest, when we wrote the line, we hadn’t exactly tried it out with this particular blend. So when we happened upon a beautiful fresh kahawai that my brother dropped round one Sunday morning, it was the perfect opportunity for us to make sure we weren’t printing 1000 labels of false advertising.  As it turns out, coating the fish in the Coastal Blend, before smoking it in the old Weber BBQ we scored at a local garage sale, over manuka coals, was an inspired combination. The honey, combined with a generous sprinkling of salt, kept the fish lovely...

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