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Salted Honey Ice Cream

Salted Honey Ice Cream

salted honey ice cream

This. Is. Good. So, so good. Best of all it’s easy. If you can whip cream you can make this ice cream. I’m a big sucker for anything containing salted caramel so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest (where you can also find and follow Hunt and Gather Bee Co, just by the way) I couldn’t wait to try it.

For this recipe, you really need to use a good quality honey (like ours). The honey flavour is the main flavour in this ice cream so supermarket honey just wouldn’t cut the mustard.

It also goes really well with my Spiced Honey Biscuits (coming soon) as an ice cream sandwich.


500ml cream

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1/3 cup honey

1 teaspoon salt


Whip the cream until peaks will stand up by themselves when you pull the beaters up. Using a metal spoon, fold through the sweetened condensed milk, honey and salt. Pour into a sealable container and put in the freezer. It needs at least 6 hours to set.


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